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The design process begins with an in home consultation. During the consultation, we'll discuss your needs and desires for the space, how you plan to use the space, preferred budget, preferred target date for project completion, and ensure that we make note of your individual design style so that the design is specific to your taste. Following the consultation, you will receive an estimate of the furniture and design elements to be used in the space, as well as the designer's fee and any associated contractor and/or handyman fees to capture the financial aspect of the design process.

Let's get started by booking your consultation via the "Book Online" tab!


Our full design service tailors a design plan specific ​to your individual home's features, your design style, preferences, and lifestyle. We take care of the space planning, selection of furniture and other design elements (I.e. artwork, decorative accessories, rugs, etc.), design and manufacture of custom window treatments, lighting fixtures, paint/wallcoverings, and management of the design process from procurement through the design installation.



Our eDesign service is perfect for clients that are out of town/out of state, or those who simply desire to DIY their space! We provide the visual design for the space, the links to purchase the furniture and design elements, and assistance with the design installation via FaceTime or Skype.

Send me a message via the Contact tab to discuss which design service works best for you!

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